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 Specialist Domestic Electricians based in Abingdon


Alan Knight, who owns and completes the work at ASK Electrical Solutions, is a forward thinking domestic electrician using the ever changing electrical regulations to complete electrical work in a safer, methodical and more efficient way.

Our area of service is mainly Abingdon and the surrounding villages. However, we have existing customers as far a field as Evesham in Worcestershire and Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire.

Our core projects from conception to completion, which are often bespoke ones, include Part/Full Rewires, Consumer Unit(Fuseboard) Upgrades, LED Lighting, Security Lighting/CCTV/Alarms, Mains Smoke Alarms, Modern Electric Heating, Armoured cabling for outdoor electrics. We also undertake small jobs such as replacing broken sockets and light switches, replacing light fittings, installing new kitchen appliances, fault finding/tripping electrics etc. 

We do not cut corners and take genuine care to complete the works as professionally and neatly as possible, ensuring you are totally satisfied with our work. We are also happy and prefer to book appointments to ensure we complete the works at a mutually convenient date and time.

ASK Electrical Solutions have also been assessed and endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. The Which? brand is synonymous with rigorous testing and best buys and this is the reason why we wanted to be part of Which Trusted Traders. Also as an Elecsa Part P Domestic Electrician, we are assessed annually, whereby an Elecsa Assessor spends half a day with us checking insurances, health and safety etc are up to date, quizzing us on the latest regulations and visiting one of our customers to check our work and to check that we test electrics correctly.

When we survey a job, we will estimate the costs based on your actual job rather than a generic cost for the job you require completing. Our estimates and invoices detail both the labour and materials, including the actual materials used and on larger jobs also the dates and hours worked for the labour charge.


Q. How do I know if an electrician is authorised to carry out electrical work in my home?

A. The following website which we suggest you check lists all electricians who are registered to work for householders in England and Wales, such as ourselves. If they aren't on this register then they shouldn't be undertaking electrical work in your home. This is particularly relevant to handymen, kitchen fitters, bathroom fitters, builders etc, who say they can do electrics! Insurance companies do not take kindly to unauthorised tradesmen completing electrical work in homes. Please beware!

Q. Why do I need a Part P Domestic Electrician to install my electrics for me? Surely all you need is common sense!

A. Some DIYers can install additional lights and sockets, but because they have no knowledge of the regulations they believe that just because the lights work when they turn them on that they have done a good job. But unless the circuit is tested correctly by a Part P Domestic Electrician, how do they know that the circuit can function under fault conditions and it is under fault conditions that people's lives and property are at risk. Also, if there is a fire, which was caused by an electrical circuit or accessory, will an insurance company pay out if it hadn't been tested and tested regularly to make sure it was safe.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept payment electronically by BACS or by Chip and Pin. However, we do not accept payment by cheque, in line with most businesses nowadays.




What can we do for you? Click for more info...

Part & Full Rewires

Completed on a bespoke basis ensuring you get the right switches/sockets etc and where you want them, assuming it complies with the regulations

Consumer Unit Upgrades

Ensuring the hub of your electrical installation is up to date and safe so that it protects the electrical installation, your home and YOU!

Electrical Inspecting & Testing

Whether it's for Landlords, homeowners or potential homeowners we test the electrical installation very thoroughly and send you a comprehensive report

LED Lighting

Indoor and Outdoor LED lighting is the future technology that is already available at competitive prices with good manufacturers warranties, potentially saving you money over out dated lighting such as Halogen, Eco Halogen and Incandescent etc. We can advise you on the best lighting to suit your home


Burglar Alarms, CCTV, Motion Detector Floodlighting and the like to protect your property against intruders. We offer both Wired and Wireless versions

Centre Feature Light Fittings

We take great care in installing your new feature light fitting(s)

Kitchen and Bathroom Extractor Fans

Using the latest fans and technology we install quiet and efficient fans. We also provide a core drilling service to extract the waste gases outside

Small Jobs

Installing and Replacing Electric Showers, Hobs, Ovens, Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights, Replacing Immersion Heater Elements, Electric Heating including Storage Heaters, Central Heating Programmers and Thermostats, Extra sockets, lights, telephone sockets and extensions, door bells, outdoor electrics such as garages, armoured cabling, ponds, outbuildings, greenhouses. This is not an exhaustive list and we are happy to help with any small electrical jobs